Our Products

Gain Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, is mainly engaged in grid connected solar solutions for commercial and residential use. The key element of such a solution involves Grid tried inverter, Solar PV Panels, Protection accessories and installation materials. We use high quality inverters manufacture in EU as well as in China, which are conforming to international standards.

Few brands of inverters used by us are Kako made in Germany, SMA made in Germany, Solis Made in China, GoodWe made in China and Huawei made in China. All these inverters carry ten years product warranty from the manufacturer.

Gain Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, imports world’s top brands of solar panels. Among them Yingly and Canadian Solar panels are imported directly from manufacturer to assure our customers the best quality. They carry minimum of 10 years manufacturer’s warranty and 25 years Performance guarantee. The solid quality approach has assured that not a single panel deployed by us or our wholesale clients have failed during the last five years.

Gain Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a key supplier of solar accessories and protection equipment to Sri Lankan Market. Among them Suntree SPD, PV isolators etc and distribution boxes dominate the market. Two bands of DC wires are sourced from Spain whilst all AC wired used by us are SLS certified locally manufactured wires. The structural material is sourced from local aluminum industry, which conformed to the industry standard.

The stringent quality conscious approach has assured our customers an uninterrupted service, which has over delivered our promises leading to built a substantial satisfied customer base for Gain Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd in Consumer, Commercial and wholesale markets.

P4 - Yingly Solar Panels Mono 405W 144 cell halfcell
P1 - Canadian Solar Panels Mono 450W 144 cell Hal