Total generation of electricity from the solar PV power plant will be metered through a dedicated export energy meter for which the customer will be paid. The energy import will be measured through a separate import energy meter.
The installed capacity of the Generating Facility shall not exceed the Contract Demand of the Customer. The contract period is 20 yrs.
The customer connection proposal shall clearly indicate his expected generation capacity and the expected maximum generation units per months. Any units generated more than such agreed quantity will not be paid until the customer makes a request for increased capacity.
The customer will be paid for his energy registered in the export meter at the export tariff and be charged for import using the normal customer tariff. The current export tariff is 22.00 Rs/kWh for the first 7 years and from the 8th year up to contract period of 20 years, Rs 15.50.

In Net +Plus Scheme, the solar PV electricity generation facility will be metered separately. The solar PV inverter output (generation facility output) should be brought to the metering point where both import and export energy meters are located in a separate meter cubical. The meter cubicle should be sealed properly to avoid tampering. If the space of the existing meter location is not sufficient to install another meter for energy export, the consumer should make necessary arrangements to shift the metering point to a suitable location. The cost associated for shifting the meter to a new location will be charged at the prevailing rate from the consumer in addition to his Net + plus connection charge.