This scheme which is exists at present allows any electricity consumer to install a renewable energy based electricity generating facility and connect it to the CEB/LECO’s electricity network. The electricity network connection scheme shall be approved by CEB/LECO.
This connection will be metered by an export/import energy meter which registers the export and import of the customer separately.
At the end of each billing period, CEB/LECO will read the consumer’s export energy meter reading and the import meter reading. The electricity bill will be prepared for the difference between the import and the export registers. If the export is more than the import in any billing period, the Consumer will receive an export credit, and will be brought forward his next month’s consumption. Such credits may be carried-over to subsequent months, as long as there is no change in the legal consumer for the premises.
The key factor in this process is that there will be no financial compensation for the excess energy exported by the consumer. All exports will be set-off against the consumer’s own consumption, either in the current billing period or future billing periods.
The installed capacity of the Generating Facility shall not exceed the Contract Demand of the Customer. The contract period for the scheme is 20 years. Unlike other two schemes this scheme is open for all renewable energy forms including Solar. Other schemes are only limited for Roof Top Solar schemes.